The inspiration for Koyvoca started with a YouTube video of a woman using a purple eyeshadow to contour her skin. Instantly, I thought of creating a contour product that the deepest skin tones could use. After months of researching, creating, and testing the formula, I launched Koyvoca in January 2016 with two contour shades: Aphotic and Rich. As the product became more popular, I expanded the shades to include one of the deepest on the market — Icon. Since 2016, I’ve expanded the range of products to include 21 shades of foundation that went viral in January 2017. My vision for Koyvoca is to create a destination where people of deeper skin tones can find makeup that flatter them no matter their undertone. Currently, each product is made from scratch and handmade to order.

- Courtney Coates

Owner and Founder of Koyvoca



The name Koyvoca was “derived” from the words coy and vocal. The name is based on the mission statement to provide showstopping shades along with products that can complete a natural look.



Creating highly pigmented and long-lasting makeup is only part of the mission. Beauty should not come at a price, so Koyvoca is a cruelty-free company!